Monday, 9 October 2017

An introduction

Wow, my first blog post... rather than launching straight into a rant about trying to find back-safe trainers that are also pretty, I suppose I should give a bit of background information about me and how I came to be on this sofa launching this blog.

Until September 2013, when I was 25, I was a happy and (kind of) normal person - I taught Early Years at an inner London primary school, I went for runs three times a week and was building up to doing 10k without feeling like dying, and had just hit my first anniversary with my now fiancé (okay, so some things haven't changed!).

Then, after camping for the weekend at the Reading festival and arranging all the furniture in my new classroom, my lower back started to ache.  I thought I had a pretty obvious explanation for the pain, so I bought a cute backpack and carried on planning lessons for the next week.  When the plans were done, I tried to stand up from the office chair and was struck with sudden, stabbing pain.  There was no comfortable position, but moving between positions was even worse.  Eventually (as in, months later, thanks, NHS) I learned that most of my lower discs were completely degenerated, some were prolapsed, some were torn, and the facet joints in that part of my spine were too inflamed to allow them to move back into place.

I struggled for days to be able to stand up by myself, weeks to be able to go up and down stairs, months to attempt working part time (note the word "attempt"), and years to be in a position where I finally feel I am back on track with my life.

During the past four years, I have been battling not only with back pain and its treatments, but also with depression, anxiety, a lack of money, weight gain, and myriad other issues that have rippled out from the impact of the pain.

The wonderful friends who have stuck by me through this have been telling me to write a blog for ages, because there aren't many voices talking about being young and suffering from back issues that normally plague people over sixty (and also probably because if I'm ranting to the internet, I'm not ranting to them!).

Now, finally, my self-esteem has grown back enough to think I have something worthwhile to say - even if no one on the internet is listening! - and hope that this blog will help me continue to recover and maybe help other people out there.

You will probably find not just sick person problems here, but also recipes, failed attempts to replicate things from Pinterest, bullet journal ideas, planning a wedding that my spine can handle, and perhaps some unwanted insights into my mind.

So, welcome, and here goes...!

(PS. I know I said I wouldn't rant, but srsly where are all the back-safe yet pretty trainers for those of us who are young enough to care but old enough that our spines need support?! :P)


  1. Wahoo! Our journey to vicarious fame begins!

  2. Finally! I shall follow avidly, and only post occasionally sarcy/ in-joke responses :)